How can I return my order?
Not satisfied with your purchase (That smell on your new t-shirt is a byproduct of the printing process. We swear it’s temporary.)

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s figure out how to get something that will make your heart sing.

Simply contact customer service and explain the reason for the return and an agent will get back to you within 1-2 business days with a remedy.  

Some things to keep in mind
We will ask you to provide photos of the affected items to provide feedback to the 3rd-party printer that fulfilled your order.

Damaged Goods Policy
If a product is delivered to a customer, in printed format, that is physically damaged in some way (for example, print is fading, garment is torn) Tee Club will happily contact the manufacturer and issue a replacement of the product after receiving reasonable proof of that damage.

If you receive a damaged product, then you must email Tee Club customer service within 14 days of receipt to tell us about the nature of the damage and to arrange for a new product to be sent to you at no cost to you. We may require you to return the product as a condition to arranging for a new product or other remedy. In addition to the damaged goods policy described above, Tee Club may in its discretion offer other remedies for customers who wish to return products.